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Reinwardt Flying Frog East java Indonesia John K. Langemann see wiki
Flap-necked chameleon, Chamaeleo dilepis
Flap-necked chameleon, Chamaeleo dilepis
A snapping turtle just after emerging from hibernating, buried in the mud. This is where the Native American legends of the Earth being brought into existence and carried on the shell of a turtle originated from.
Courtesy Esoteric Empyre
Courtesy Earth Wonders
It wasn’t just a forest, It was home!_
Courtesy Kapgan Dinç
Courtesy Earth Wonders
“Leaf Sheep” Sea Slugs Look like Cartoon Lambs
From My Modern Met
Courtesy Gerhardt Theron Kgalagadi Sightings
This Beauty is a Sorrel peacock Leopard Appaloosa, owned by GWS Appaloosas. His ancestors were own by Nez Perce Indians.
Courtesy Amanda Jelena RadomanStunning Horses
African plegadis falcinellus in flight
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King of snowy mountains
Alberto D. Albano
Nature is Awesome
Sandip Bhenki
Visual Storyteller
You Can See Every Organ In The Glass Frog.


Crab Smoking A Cigarette